Full speed ahead for pre-season training

Blues players stretching off during testing and screening
Blues players stretching off during testing and screening

Blues players underwent physical testing and screening over a two-day period, as part of preparations for the new season.

The squad report back to the Trillion Trophy Training Centre, Wast Hills, on Monday en masse to embark on their full-blown training schedule.

Prior to that, though, the First Team and Under-23s were put through their paces on Friday and Saturday in a series of examinations.

Blues headed to Coventry University to utilise state-of-the-art specialised sports-science laboratories.

Blues staff and students from the sport and exercise department combined to test the players on a Nordbord, which assesses hamstring strength, and a groin bar. Their maximum heart rate and blood lactate profiles were recorded while they ran on the treadmill. And the squads also had their anaerobic performance put to the test in a gruelling Watt Bike session.

The First Team and Under-23s squads were also checked over at Wast Hills, for another phase of pre-season testing and screening.

There, it was functional movement screening to look at the players’ physical capabilities and function: recording the techniques of how they move during simple exercises such as landing, jumping and core strength.

And orthopaedic baseline measures were taken, which are body metrics in regard how much they move, how far they move, to ascertain movement limits.

The players finally got out onto the grass as well for a beep test to round-off the activities.

The results and data collected is analysed in order to help each individual reach his optimum physical and strength conditioning level, and Blues will revisit their new partners at Coventry University in-season to track players progress.

Speaking about the link-up with Coventry University – a first for Blues - Sean Rush, Head of Physical Performance, said: “It’s is a great opportunity to work, in a sterile environment, to really move things on in what we have done in previous pre-seasons.

"On that side of things it's great to go hand-in-hand with Coventry University.

"The players have undergone a series of tests and we also get the chance to revisit during the season to see where we are then, for that monitoring purpose and progression."