Preview: Blues v Liverpool Women

Marta Tejedor says Sunday’s showdown against Liverpool will revolve as much around attitude than talent.

Blues are searching for their first win the Barclays FA Super League, albeit having played fewer games than their rivals.

And Liverpool are in the same boat, having taken just one point from four outings.

The sides meet at Solihull Moors (2pm).

“Both teams are similar, I guess, from what I have watched,” said Blues Manager Tejedor.

“There is not something whereby they are much, much better than us, or the opposite.

“Two very similar teams and this is when it comes down to how good you are when competing.

“It’s not just how talented you are, how skillful you are, or how good athletes you are. It’s how can you compete under pressure? This is what is going to make the difference.”

Blues recorded a resounding Continental Cup win over Leicester City last Sunday, 5-1. It took them to the top of Group C.

But it’s in the league where Blues are desperate to get off the mark.

“Yes, we need the first win, and the second, and the third . . ,” smiled Tejedor.

“This league is really tough. I think it is very important to be better than the teams that are in a similar position to you.

“There may be some teams that are higher placed than you. We will try to get something from them. But, at the moment, it is the teams around you.

“We have to better than them. If not, it’s the way you get into danger.”

Tejedor added: “It is a home game. We are looking forward to it. Very, very excited about the chance to get those three points and finding a better place for us in the table.”

Adrienne Jordan got her first goal for the Club against Leicester and the American full-back has made a good start to her career on these shores.

Tejedor said there was still much more to come.

“She is still in a learning process. We are all in a learning process. But this is her first season in the league.

“She came from a different country, a different style and I feel she is not fully adapted just yet. To the team, to the way it goes here.

“For me, she is a player who has a lot of potential and it hasn’t been fully shown at the moment.

“Hopefully we will help her do that pretty soon.

“For sure, Adrienne has all the qualities you need. But for me she is still a little ‘shy’, she needs to be like ‘here I am’.”

Alex Brooks was given a run out in goal, although Hannah Hampton is expected to reclaim the number one spot for Liverpool’s visit.

A case of providing Brooks with valuable minutes, or competition for the England Under-21 international?

“Both,” said Tejedor. “Giving her the match, we also create more competition.

“It is good to have that. The worst thing is not having alternatives.

“You need to prepare. You never know if a player is going to get sick, injured, or whatever. Or just out of shape, out of form.

“That’s what we also tried different players in the centre-back position as well, we rotated a little bit.”

Lucy Staniforth returned from injury sustained on international duty and scored twice.

Tejedor said she remains such a key player for Blues.

“She is one of our top players, it’s very important for her to assume the role of leader and lead in the team in the proper way – which she is.

“She came back for the Leicester game after a slight injury and I was very happy with the way she performed.”