Reaction: Blues 2 Luton Town 1

Despite that the team sorted the challenges very well and me managed to dominate the game and create much more chances than the opposition.

Pep Clotet.

Pep Clotet's comments following his side's impressive win against The Hatters at The St. Andrew's Trillion Trophy Stadium.

Pep Clotet's overall reaction to the result...
"Justice was done, it was very similar to our result against Middlesbrough. It has been a fantastic game of football. Luton came here with 15 points on board, as a newly promoted team that's not easy, with a very bright kind of football and a lot of freedom for the offensive players. They tried to block all the spaces for us to feel comfortable playing, it was a big challenge for us today. Despite that, the team sorted the challenges very well and me managed to dominate the game and create much more chances than the opposition. I think it's fair to say that although we could not score most of the chances we created, we deserved to score the two goals."

Pep Clotet on the character shown by Lukas Jutkiewicz to score the winner following a disappointing miss when the game was still at 1-0...
"Jukey is very important. On that chance that he gets, everyone thought 'Oh that's a goal'. From the bench it looked like he was going to make it. In reality I think he was far away, and he could not reach it - that's what he told me - but I will watch it again. For us he is very important because he is a dominant striker in the Championship, this means the opposition has to put double effort on him, this means he always keeps one-and-a-half, or two centre-backs occupied. That frees up the second striker. Importantly for me,  tactically he manages to give us that space our players need in front of him, he manages to play that cat and mouse with the defensive line very, very well because he is physically dominant. I always think Jukey deserves a goal for everything he gives to us every game. The fact it was a set-play, one thing we were very good last season and we are working very hard on it - has doubled the bonus for me."

Pep Clotet on what he thought of Dan Crowley's contribution...
"I think Dan Crowley is very important, his football is very bright, he has wonderful skill and is a different kind of player. He sees the game differently. When you have players who see the game differently these things happen. An example is that ball he put to Maxime Colin over the top. The first the player needs to see 'I can do that', second is to be able to do it, third Maxime needs to know he can do it. He unlocks certain situations with a different way of doing it than we are used to, that makes us very offensive."

Pep Clotet asked if he was surprised at how quickly Crowley had blossomed with Blues...
"Yes, I think the fact the club managed to bring him is another quality, we managed to find a gem. He has adapted very well, he is a Coventry lad, he loves it here with us, he loves the club, loves the team, loves the football he is helping us to play. And most importantly he is not selfish at all, he gives everything to the team. He has character as well. He has a bright future - and I hope it's a Birmingham future."

Pep Clotet's closing thoughts...

"Massive credit to the players. We deserved one more goal, or two. I don't think anyone could argue with that. But we played the way we wanted to play. We are very comfortable with our football. We are growing and we think our fans are enjoying it. They see a team going forward and players who play quick. When we couldn't score that second goal to kill off the game they then scored and Luton, for me, are very dangerous on the break as they leave those three strikers up front. Even though our balance was very good the whole game, they caught us on the one - it was from our error - and it was uphill again.
But we kept on finding spaces, we kept on attacking and we put pressure on their goal.
Overall we had a lot of chances - yes, the goals are bit elusive for us - but we deserved that win. We are a work in progress. We are growing. I said when we were losing games we were growing. We had to sacrifice some of the points we lost, but it was an investment to our football."