Remeao Hutton on his new deal and hopes for the future

Remeao Hutton
Remeao Hutton

I'm really happy to have an extension and now hopefully I can push on next season.

Remeao Hutton

Remeao Hutton signed a two-year contract last week.

Here, chats to the right-back to get his thoughts on extending his stay at the Club.

Two years, that can be seen as a vote of confidence?
"Yes, especially as I was injured for the first few months of the season. I was with the First Team pre-season, then it was about getting used to be back playing after the injury (a broken foot). I'm really happy to have an extension and now hopefully I can push on next season."

How have you improved as a player since you joined the Club?
"When I first came in, I was quite a rough (raw) player. I think I've got technically better and position-wise and knowing what to do with my body as well. I'm quite a physical player, so I've been better at using my body and knowing when the right time to use it is as well."

Having Paul Robinson on the coaching staff with the Under-23s must be a help?
"Yes, I think so. I've only had three or four months with him (due to injury). It's just the experience because one day I'm going to come up against a type of player I'm not used to playing against. And obviously he's come up against some of the greats. It's nice to have someone there with that experience that has been through it who can help and advise you."

There was a shift in the style and mentality of the Under-23s this season. It was a very competitive group?
"As the season goes on everybody gets better. I had to start from scratch, but I tried to put in the extra work after training to get back up to their level as quickly as possible."

Are you aiming to be with the First Team on pre-season tour again?
"Hopefully, but I'm not just expecting to go back in there and it just to be granted to me. I know I've got to work for it."

How do you see things progressing during this two-year period?
"Hopefully I can impress in pre-season and be in the main squad. But if not, I need to be playing first team football now, so a loan would be ideal. Then show what I can do on loan and come back here and plan. An ideal move would be League One or League Two if I'm not playing here. It's about getting games and experience and just playing for something and having competitive men's football."

It must be nice that Garry Monk recognises you?
"Yes, it's nice to know that you're rated. Managers can change but you just have to keep improving and showing what you can do."

What did you learn specifically from the experience of the PDL Play-Offs and getting to the National Final?
"The way I play I like to get forward and not so much take risks, but be confident and get up and down the pitch. If you're playing for something, like a cup, you need to a bit less risky and play more for the team rather than yourself. There's a cup on the line and you want to do everything right and not lose the ball because then you're putting your team in danger."

Your reflections on the Final against Leeds United? Blues Under-23s lost 4-2 on penalties after a 0-0 draw? 
"It was a good performance and probably one of the best we've played- that or Ipswich Town in the Semi-Final. It was a good game. There were (8,000) fans there as well which added to the occasion with everyone’s performance. The shot I had (that rebounded off the woodwork in extra-time) I just saw the opening and obviously the ball was there to be hit. Unfortunately, it didn't go in, but it would have been a good moment if it did. Losing on penalties was tough. Obviously we didn’t want to lose but I was proud of everyone in the team. We did well to get that far and challenge for the league title."