Are you BluesTV ready?

Are you planning to watch Blues' remaining games on BluesTV? This guide will help make sure you're matchday ready.

BluesTV will be streaming the match to pay-per-view purchasers for £10 and all season ticket holders who have selected the BluesTV compensation option for matches behind closed doors.

Matchday coverage usually begins an hour before kick-off, with a pre-match show featuring highlights and content from our previous matches.

If you've not used BluesTV before then we recommend following the steps below to ensure you're familiar with the system and don't have any matchday panic.

1. Redeem your voucher or purchase your Pay-Per-View package

Click here to purchase a pay-per-view pass.

If you selected the BluesTV compensation then you will receive access to the service in the form of a voucher code sent by email.

You have until 5pm on the day before matchday to redeem your voucher.

If you've not received the voucher code email within two days, please contact

2. Download the app

If you're planning to watch the game on a mobile or tablet device then you'll need to download the Birmingham City app.

Click here for more information and download.

3. Test your login

Click here to visit the BluesTV section of the website or open the app and navigate to the BluesTV section to play the live stream.

You will receive a "test success" message if everything is working well.

We advise you to test at the earliest opportunity it can sometimes take a while to investigate any issues which you may incur.

4. Test your internet speed

Is your internet connection strong enough?

BluesTV requires a minimum download speed of 0.5 Mbps, with a recommended download speed of at least 5 Mbs to ensure playback without interruption.

Click here to test your internet speed.

5. If you're having issues

If you experience any issues during any of the steps above then get in contact with us:

Login issues -

Voucher code issues -

Playback issues -

We look forward to welcoming you to BluesTV for our next matchday.

Keep Right On.