Enough is enough

The Club actively encourages all stakeholders and supporters to join them in this stance.


Birmingham City Football Club will be making the following stance in the fight against online abuse and discrimination.

After decisive and unanimous discussions, the Club from 6pm today (Thursday 8 April 2021) will not publish any content across Men’s and Women’s Club channels for a period of seven days.

This includes official Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Snapchat pages, as well as our Community, Academy and Regional Talent Centre platforms.

The Club stands in solidarity with Swansea City Football Club who first announced their intention to operate a social media blackout earlier today, with this fight going beyond sporting rivalries and one that must be tackled in unison.

Regardless of who such abhorrent abuse on social media is directed towards, Blues do not believe this should determine who speaks out against it and that making this stance together is paramount to ridding the game and society of this evil.

This goes far beyond pulling together as Blues, but as football and society.

We know how players and staff at the Football Club use social media in both personal and professional capacities, therefore, are acutely aware of how these platforms are further becoming a hotbed for abusive, offensive and discriminatory content.

We understand how social media can be used as a force for good, but at present do not recognise this trait in such arenas and believe firmly that those responsible for these platforms are not doing enough to stamp out the unacceptable abuse and discrimination that they are housing.

By removing our content from these platforms, we intend to starve the perpetrators of such abusive and discriminatory behaviour of a space in which they can carry out offences that are not only criminal but deeply harmful to the wellbeing of groups and individuals.

As a Football Club, we stand for beyond what simply happens on the field of play and are proud to be one part of the game’s diverse past, present and future. Therefore, we feel it is our responsibility to make this stand on behalf of everyone that the game touches.

Football is a global unifier and a universally understood language that must be safely available to everyone. At present, the inaction of social media platforms means this is not the case.

The time for talk is over and we strongly hope that this action will be recognised by every social media company with whom we invite open dialogue.

The Club actively encourages all stakeholders and supporters to join them in this stance. We thank our commercial partners for their support.

Enough is enough.

It must be noted that the Club’s official website,, will continue to operate during this period.