Affected by the remedial works? Reserve your new seat

Supporters have been contacted about temporarily relocating their seat due to the ongoing remedial works to the Lower Kop and Lower Tilton and will have until 5pm on Thursday 3 June to reserve their new seat with the ticket office.

Supporters who held a 2019/20 season ticket in the Lower Kop and Lower Tilton have the option to reserve new seats, in their desired location and with no purchase obligation, for the entirety of the renewal period. This will allow supporters time to complete their purchase until the renewal window closes at 5pm on Monday 28 June.

To relocate and reserve your seat please contact the Ticket Office.

The deadline to reserve a seat is Thursday 3 June at 5pm, supporters who reserve their seat will then have up until Monday 28 June at 5pm to complete their purchase.

Key Dates:

  •  Thursday 20 May at 9am (relocation window opened)
  • Thursday 3 June at 5pm (exclusivity period ends)
  • Monday 28 June at 5pm (payment deadline for reserved seats)

We know your seat means a lot to you and as soon as it is safe to return to your seat in the Lower Kop and Lower Tilton, you will have the option to do so.

We will continue to keep all fans updated with progress of the remaining repair work and how it may affect season ticket holders.  

Again, we would like to thank you for your continued patience on this matter and look forward to seeing you back at St. Andrew’s very soon.

You can find out more about the remedial work going on at St. Andrew’s, here.