Mental Health Awareness Week with Blues and Mind

Birmingham City is proud to partner with Mind Birmingham. The local branch of the national charity works tirelessly all year round to provide provisions, assistance and fundraising for anyone suffering with their mental health.

Throughout Mental Health Awareness Week, we’ll be sharing content from the team at Birmingham Mind, starting with Salman’s story below:

At age 24, Salman was recently released from prison and living in supported accommodation. He had been living with mental health issues but had never addressed them, nor felt comfortable enough to talk about them.

He joined Birmingham Mind’s Fitness for Wellbeing programme after hearing about the healthy food and sports massages on offer. Exercise and tackling mental health were not his priorities and has said that had he known the latter was on the agenda, he might not have started coming along.

Having attended the first few sessions purely for the refreshments, Salman began to open up and engage on mental health topics – having seen those around him share their stories. He has openly discussed his current frame of mind and issues in his past.

Through the provision, Salman has made new friends, he’s motivated to take part in all areas of the programme, and he has an appointment pending with a counselor.

Birmingham Mind’s team of professionals understand that there is no set formula for tackling mental health, and Salman’s story shows how some people can be reluctant to talk about their wellbeing, but with the correct, tailored approach the team can lend a hand.

If you, or anyone you know, would like more information on Birmingham Mind’s work, visit the website or email to talk to someone