Stadium Update

The Club is able to provide an update on remedial work to the Kop and Tilton Stands, and the return of supporters to St. Andrew’s.

Following the closure of two stands for remedial works in December 2020, we have been operating in conjunction with our structural engineer and the Buckingham Group.  The work between all parties has been comprehensive, ensuring that the safety of our players, staff and supporters is at the heart of the work and subsequent reopening of these areas. 

For supporters, we recognise that St. Andrew’s is your home, and we thank you for your patience during this period.

Both the Upper Kop and Upper Tilton remedial works will be completed, and these areas will be open for our first home matchdays of the 2021/22 season. 

With these areas of St. Andrew’s open, a maximum stadium capacity of 19,600 – subject to the Government road map - will be available and a date will be confirmed in due course for the completion of remaining work to the Lower Kop and Lower Tilton sections.

As a result of this, existing season ticket holders in the affected areas will be temporarily relocated and will be given priority to relocate back to their original seats upon the works completion.

For those fans who currently hold season tickets in the affected stands, we will shortly be sending you information on relocating seats whilst the work continues.

We will continue to adhere to Government guidelines as to the safe return of fans and any potential changes to this that impact our stadium capacity will be communicated on

We understand there will be disappointment not to have a full stadium in August, however, we will endeavour to restore the lower stands safely, as we have done with both the Upper Tilton and Upper Kop.

We will keep all fans up to date with progress of the remaining repair work.  

Your support cannot be underestimated and the absence of supporters has been felt no more keenly than in B9.